Make Connections That Will Last a Lifetime

Connections creates a safe space and community for adoptees to reach out to other adoptees. Make long lasting friendships with other adoptees who understand the struggles of being adopted.

Connections is run by adoptees and understand the struggles of being adopted that only adoptees seem to understand.

Share your story and make a connection

Connected Stories

Everyone needs a place to share. Share your story anonymously with Connections.

Connections is a safe space for adoptees to share and make connections. One way we provide this is by providing a platform for adoptees to share their experiences. By sharing your experiences and learning about other’s experiences, hopefully you can find a place where you feel like you belong.

Connected stories are open for any adoptee, adoptive parent, birth parents or others to share their lives as someone part of the adoptee community.

Share your story, find out you aren’t alone.

Connected Stories

The Weight on our Shoulders – C.S.

Tags: Therapy, Foster Care, Adoption Issues Born in 1951. I was adopted at 13 months after spending my first 5 mo. in foster care and an infant home. My adoptive father was a military man, and the continued separations, moves, and his disciplinarian style caused fabrication, anxiety, sensory issues,, eventually panic disorder, depression, compulsion, substance…

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Good Enough 4 U – C.S.

Tags: Self Worth, Self Esteem, Depression I was abandoned, I can accept that, but what does that say about me? Was I not good enough, am I not good enough? Clearly I wasn’t then so why would I be now? My friends tell me to move on, but how can I forget that I wasn’t…

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Asian Community + An Asian Adoptee’s Story – C.S.

Tags: Rejection, Fitting in, Asian Adoptee, Asian Community I’ve felt a lot of rejection growing up, this dealt with the typical outsider feeling when entering an Asian vicinity. Even though I was adopted from China, I was neither Asian nor non-Asian I was just seen as an intruder, someone trying to be something I could…

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Birth Parents – C.S.

Tags: Birth Parents ~ T.W. Suicide Sometimes I wonder what my birth parents look like. What they’re doing. Who they are. Who they were. And why they made the choice to abandon me. I remember when I was younger, I was so eager to know who my birth parents were. I don’t even think I…

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Survivors Guilt – C.S.

Tags: Survivors Guilt, China’s One Child Policy Sometimes I wish that I had purpose, just something I could dedicate my life to. Make myself useful for once.  I was born during China’s One Child Policy, was abandoned and then adopted. For the longest time I had no issue with this. I even thought this made…

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Welcome to Connections!

Connections: An Adoptee Community was created to connect adoptees together such as myself. As an adoptee, I’ve always felt alone. Alone since nobody really understood how I felt. This was until I reconnected with an old friend who is also adopted. For once in my life, I didn’t feel as if I was alone or…

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Connected Stories: How does it work??

Connected Stories is one option Connections offers. With this feature, adoptees (or even adoptive parents, etc.) can anonymously share their own stories, feelings, etc. This is just a channel for people to share their story in a safe space. It’s also set up so those in the community can comment to provide support and let’s…

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Meet Adoptees

Meet other adoptees by signing up for a meeting. Meetings are held for adoptees to share and create connections with other adoptees. These meetings are safe spaces for adoptees to share, connect and hopefully make long lasting friendships.

To join meetings and connect, join our discord. Please introduce yourself and share a bit about yourself.

For other ways to connect, visit the connect page.

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